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What is Nano Microporous insulation materials ?

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Nano Microporous Insulation is made from silica particles which diameter is only dozens of nano ,with Infrared sunscreen and fibers together .After series of physical and chemical reaction ,we got the Nano Microporous insulation materials ,there are lots of nanopores in it .

What is the characteristics of WH nano microporous insulation materials ?

1.Thermal conductivity is very low ,the performance of insulation is as good as 3-4 times than the traditional insulation materials(Ceramic fibers,Calcium silicate,rock wool etc)

2.Heat resistance up to 1000℃.Thermal conductivity raise up very little at higher temperature .

3.No burning ,low thermal storage ,non-toxic and pro-environment .

What is the application of the WH nano microporous insulation materials ?

This material with the best performance of insulation ,can be used in the occasion needs higher requirement on insulation and energy saving,and also can be used when the thickness of the insulation materials is limited .Such as metallurgical equipment ,ceramic kiln,glass kiln,chemical pipe ,electrical appliance ,aerospace,black box,lifesaving cabin etc.

Generalization of WH Nano Microporous Insulation Materials :

Nano Microporous insulation materials is the newest products whose insulation performance is perfect in the high temperature heat insulation project, because of the lowest thermal conductivity and prevent burnt performance . This material can effectively prevent the three kinds of heat transfer machnisam ,this made the thermal conductivity rate lower than the stillness air,and wont be change when the temperature goes up in the working temperature .Heat insulation performance of nano microporous insulation material is 3-4 times as good as the traditional materials,because of this advantage ,the thickness of insulation material can be deducted by 3/4 ,the energy also can be saved by 25-30% .Nano microporous insulation materials is the thinnest and lightest materials for fireproof and flame retardant ,this material especially used for the application of heat insulation ,insulation,and flame retardant in the limited space ,this can help the user save more energy and also can reduce the volume and weight of the equipment ,then the effective volume of the space can be larger ,the quantity of metal for the equipment and cost of module will be reduced .

Nano Microporous insulation materials

With more than ten years of industry experience, we provide customers with high-quality thermal insulation materials and professional technical services with working temperature of -200~1800 ℃.

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