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Soluble Environmentally Friendly Fiber Products - Soluble fiberboard / Profiled Products

The Wihe soluble environmentally friendly fiber product is a biodegradable green environmental protection product that has no irritation and harm to the human body and the environment. It is the latest production process and high quality composite raw material production of calcium magnesium thermal products, and performance is prominent and environmentally friendly.

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Product description:

WH soluble environmental protection fiber products are biodegradable green environmental protection products without any stimulation and harm to human body and environment. It is a calcium magnesium thermal insulation product produced by the latest production technology and high-quality composite raw materials.

Product features:

◇ Low thermal conductivity and low shrinkage

◇ Small heat storage and good thermal stability

◇ High environmental protection and safety

◇ Strong machinability

◇ Long service life

Typical application:

◇ Household appliances: such as oven and high-temperature cooking appliances

◇ Heat insulation of high temperature equipment

◇ Chimney insulation

◇ Pipe insulation

◇ Furnace lining

◇ Heat insulation of heat accumulator

◇ Heat insulation of automobile exhaust system

◇ Metal processing: pressure buffer blanket, seal and gasket

◇ Petrochemical / power: insulation pad, boiler and pipeline insulation

◇ Ceramics and glass: ceramic firing kiln; Thermal insulation and expansion joint of glass kiln body

◇ Environmental protection equipment: solid / waste gas treatment furnace, such as RTO furnace, etc

◇ Mining life-saving equipment: such as life-saving cabin, etc

Performance Index:

Product Code


Soluble fiberboard / profiled products

Classification temperature (° C)


Bulk density (kg / m3)

250 ~ 400

Flexural strength (MPa)

0.5 ~ 0.8

Permanent linear shrinkage%

(1000 ° C × 24h)


Thermal conductivity (W / m · K)

400 ° C


600 ° C


Chemical composition


56 ~ 63


26 ~ 32

Standard size

1000 × 600 × 6 ~ 100


1.All kinds of products of this series can be processed into aluminum foil blanket, sealing gaskets, special-shaped parts, etc.acroding to the customer's use requirements and provided dimensions.

2.Soluble fiber blanket can also be processed into "fiber module and veneer block"


With more than ten years of industry experience, we provide customers with high-quality thermal insulation materials and professional technical services with working temperature of -200~1800 ℃.

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