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The specific use points of the microporous nano thermal insulation board

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The thermal insulation performance of the nano-microporous insulation board needs to be viewed from the characteristics of the glass wool itself. Glass wool is a kind of glass fiber, which is a kind of man-made inorganic fiber. Glass wool is a filamentous material that fibrillates molten glass. Its chemical composition belongs to glass, which has excellent formability, bulk density, thermal conductivity, heat insulation, sound absorption performance, corrosion resistance and chemical stability. Therefore, it also inherits the performance characteristics of glass wool, and it is relatively easy to use the performance of glass wool to illustrate its thermal insulation.

Rock wool itself is an inorganic silicate fiber and is non-flammable. In the process of being processed into products, organic binders or additives are sometimes added to make the products have better moisture-proof and water-repellent properties. They are mainly used in ships and buildings. Such as occasions that have certain requirements for moisture-proof and fire-proof.

The specific use of nano-microporous insulation board has the following two points:

1. Widely used in wall insulation, flat concrete roof and steel structure roof insulation

It is a rigid foam plastic sheet made of polystyrene resin and polymer injected with a catalyst when heated and mixed, and then extruded as a continuous closed-cell foam. Its interior is an independent closed cell structure, which is a heat conducting material with high compression resistance, low water absorption, moisture resistance, airtightness, light weight, corrosion resistance, super aging resistance (almost no aging after long-term use). Eco-friendly material with low coefficient. In many modern residential buildings, developers will use this material, and there are many suppliers in the market, so the market competitiveness is still relatively large.

2. Used for moisture-proof and thermal insulation categories such as low-temperature storage areas, parking channels, airport runways, and expressways

Widely used in drywall insulation. The slab concrete roof and steel structure roof are insulated, and the ground is stored at low temperature. Under low-temperature floor radiant heating pipes, parking passages, airport runways, highways and other categories of moisture-proof and thermal insulation, to control ground freezing and expansion, it is a high-quality and cheap thermal insulation material and moisture-proof material in the construction industry. In addition to its use in the construction industry, roads are also widely used.

microporous nano thermal insulation board

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