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Metallurgical steel industry

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Metallurgical steel industry

For high-temperature special industries such as iron and steel metallurgy, casting, and aluminum industry, high-temperature refractory materials and heat-insulating energy-saving materials are one of the indispensable auxiliary materials.  

WHnano vacuum insulation board is made of nano high temperature insulation material through vacuum packaging. This material is thin, can be properly bent, has good compressive strength, ultra-low thermal conductivity, and is waterproof. It has good energy-saving effect and can be used in equipment such as ladle, tundish, torpedo tank, aluminum water ladle, etc.


The Gigener-ceramic fiber series can be used in the old kiln lining repair and newly designed furnace lining, which can be used in the steel bag, steel industry heating furnace, continuous annealing furnace, galvanized line, kiln, etc.





With more than ten years of industry experience, we provide customers with high-quality thermal insulation materials and professional technical services with working temperature of -200~1800 ℃.

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