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Kiln case

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Kiln Case - Thermal Insulation

WH nano thermal insulation materials, asbestos-free calcium silicate thermal insulation products, soluble environmentally friendly fiber products and other products can be used in high temperature kilns for ceramic firing.


1. Materials to improve fuel combustion rate: The combustion rate of general boiler fuel is only between 85-90%. ZS-1061 far-infrared radiation coating is painted on the inner wall of boiler and furnace, and Weihe thermal insulation refractory material can improve the heat exchange in the furnace. Increasing the contact area between the fuel and the oxygen can fully burn the fuel, improve the energy combustion rate, release more heat, and reduce the exhaust gas temperature.

2. Improve the materials of the furnace thermal insulation system: apply high temperature resistant thermal insulation paint, the thermal insulation rate can reach more than 90%, reduce the heat loss from the furnace wall, make full use of energy, and reduce losses.



3. Reduce the corrosion rate of materials Materials: Under high temperature, boilers and kilns at high temperatures, there are corrosive media, and the materials are easy to oxidize, corrode, and brittle. Apply Weihe high-temperature sealing paint to prevent oxidation and brittleness of refractory high-temperature materials and improve boilers, furnaces, and furnaces. The service life and use effect of kiln materials.



4. Extend the service life of the boiler's supporting facilities. Materials: apply Weihe's high-temperature transparent anti-oxidation paint to reduce the oxidation of the boiler and kiln equipment accessories in the air, reduce the frequency of repairing and replacing parts and equipment, and do a good job of equipment maintenance and lubrication.

With more than ten years of industry experience, we provide customers with high-quality thermal insulation materials and professional technical services with working temperature of -200~1800 ℃.

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