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Elevator manufacturing case

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Elevator manufacturing case - heat insulation and fire protection

The elevator fire-resistant insulation door is an elevator with a "thermal insulation fire door". If such a fire-resistant insulation door is installed in the elevator lobby of a high-rise building, it will be very beneficial to delay the spread of the fire through the hoistway when a fire occurs. It is beneficial to isolate the trapped people from fire, heat and smoke to the maximum extent, gain escape time, and save the lives of the trapped people. Therefore, fire-resistant elevator doors are of great significance to protect the safety of personnel and prevent the spread of fire.


WH nano-microporous thermal insulation material: Nano thermal insulation board is an ideal material for passive fire protection of elevator landing doors. It has the following advantages when used in elevator fireproof and thermal insulation doors, and can fully meet relevant national standards: It is non-combustible, does not contain any flammable components, and will not decompose any substances that are harmful to human body or the environment in the process of fire combustion. It is a green, environmentally friendly and safe thermal insulation material.


Good thermal insulation, due to its special nanostructure and additives, it can effectively reduce various forms of heat transfer such as convection, conduction and radiation to a low level. As the temperature rises, it maintains a thermal conductivity even lower than that of static air and provides excellent thermal insulation.


With more than ten years of industry experience, we provide customers with high-quality thermal insulation materials and professional technical services with working temperature of -200~1800 ℃.

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