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Application of microporous insulation board in passive fire protection systems

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In today's era, with the improvement of people's safety awareness, more and more buildings, vehicles, public facilities and other scenarios have laid out passive fire protection systems, such as in factories, the purpose of passive fire prevention is to protect critical processing and safety equipment long enough in the event of a fire, so that the factory can be safely and controllably shut down. Passive fire prevention can slow down the spread of jet fire and pool fire, delay the possibility of equipment failure, and give personnel more time to escape; In the building, the layout of the elevator fire system can help delay the spread of the fire through the hoistway when the fire occurs, thereby helping to isolate the trapped people from the fire, heat and smoke to the greatest extent, strive for escape time, and save the lives of the trapped people, so the elevator fire door is of great significance for protecting the life safety of personnel and preventing the spread of fire.

In the passive fire protection system, fire insulation materials are a key component, and different fire protection systems have different choices of fire insulation materials based on corresponding industry standards; WH microporous insulation materials achieves A1 fire resistance rating, has a lower thermal conductivity than still air, and matches its easy processing and molding characteristics, providing reliable, light and thin fire protection for a variety of fire insulation systems and equipment. Microporous insulation materials meet a number of international standards, long service life of products, stable performance, products can be processed into nano microporous insulation panels, flexible microporous insulation blankets, special-shaped processing parts and other styles, and according to different fire insulation needs, we provide customized product formulas and coating methods to meet diversified customer needs.

Due to the excellent performance level and compact and lightweight form of microporous insulation materials, our microporous materials are mostly used in elevator door fire protection, building passive fire protection systems, black boxes installed in various vehicles, and other fire protection and public facilities.


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