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Aerogel insulation blanket

Aerogel insulation blanket is based on inorganic fibers to combine silica gels, complicated through high-tech processes and special equipment. This type of material is extremely low, and it is easy to process, digestive, and is extremely convenient to reduce the surface construction of the pipe, and the curved surface, which can greatly reduce the construction difficulty. It is ideal for various types of pipes, containers, storage tanks and other equipment.
  • WHMF-21

  • 威赫

Product description:

Aerogel insulation blanket is made of inorganic fiber combined with silica aerogel, made by a high tech process and special equipment. This type of material thermal conductivity is very low, and easy processing, punching, in the pipeline, arc surface and other surface construction is very convenient, can greatly reduce the construction difficulty. It is suitable for all kinds of pipeline, container, storage tank and other equipment of the ideal thermal insulation materials.

Product features:

◇ Ultra low thermal conductivity and heat loss ◇ Small heat storage, good thermal stability                                         ◇ Good hydrophobicity and fire resistance ◇ Lnorganic environmental protection, high safety                                   ◇ Light weight, easy to cut and process ◇ Long Service Life

Typical application:

Industrial Equipment, industrial furnaces, new energy vehicles, high-temperature pipelines, ships, aerospace, petrochemical, nuclear power, photovoltaic and other industries.

Performance Index:


WHMF-21 Nano Aerogel Insulation Blanket





3mm, 5mm, 6mm, 10mm

3mm, 5mm, 10mm

Wide width


1000, 1500mm




Applicable temperature

-200 ~ 650 ° C

650 ° C

Density (kg / m3)

200 ± 20

200 ± 20

Permanent linear shrinkage% (800 ° C × 6 hours)



Thermal conductivity rate (W / M.K)

0.020 (AT 25 ° C)

0.025 (AT 25 ° C)

 0.035 (AT 200 ° C)

 0.042 (AT 300 ° C)

 0.072 (AT 500 ° C)

 0.084 (AT 500 ° C)

Combustion grade

Class A

Class A

Water resistant permeability



Tensile strength



Product packaging:

◇ Surface adhesive ◇ Aluminum foil coated ◇ Glass fiber cloth bag

Standard size:

◇ Size: 20m × 1 / 1.5m

◇ Special specifications and sizes can be customized according to customers' requirements

Freight packaging:

◇ carton ◇ woven bag ◇ tray


With more than ten years of industry experience, we provide customers with high-quality thermal insulation materials and professional technical services with working temperature of -200~1800 ℃.

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